How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe: Top Resources

simplify life Oct 24, 2023
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As busy moms, having a capsule wardrobe is just one way to simplify your life. Women tend to handle fashion very differently. Some live in sweats and tee shirts or athletic wear, while others look like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine. As in much of life, we need to find balance. We don't want to be spending too much time figuring out what to wear, shopping for clothes, or trying to put together the perfect outfit; nor do we want to live in pajamas. I have some amazing resources for you on how to build a capsule wardrobe.

After listing some of the fabulous benefits of a capsule wardrobe, I have tried to walk you through the process. Now I know that many of the linked posts will have some of the same information, but each one points out different aspects or has amazing resources or things to keep in mind. Definitely read through each one before you actually jump into building your capsule. Some of these also have free resources within them!

Also, building a capsule wardrobe doesn't have to be expensive. You can start out with what you have and hit some thrift stores to fill in the gaps. ThredUp is also a great online consignment store where you can find your favorite brands for much less.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Maybe you're new to this whole capsule wardrobe thing, and don't really even know what it is. Basically, a capsule wardrobe is a smaller wardrobe of clothing that you absolutely love, fits you well, and mixes and matches well with other items in your capsule. Some women choose to have a year round capsule, but many, myself included, will change it out each season. Some articles of clothing will carry over from one season to another, but many things will be switched out for something more seasonally appropriate. Now, on to the benefits of a capsule wardrobe!

Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

I love having a capsule wardrobe and find it has many benefits. Building a capsule wardrobe will:

  • Reduce decision stress in trying to figure out what to wear.
  • Save time. You won't have near so many choices to make.
  • Create a wardrobe of clothing you love and look great in.
  • Build a quality wardrobe that lasts. You're choosing quality over quantity.
  • Save money over time. As you buy less but quality clothing, you won't need to shop as often.

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How to Start a Capsule Wardrobe


How do you start a capsule wardrobe? It can be overwhelming if you're just learning about capsule wardrobes but keep reading for some great tips on getting started.

What is your seasonal color palette?

Now, before you get too deep into planning a capsule wardrobe, take some time to figure out some things. This will help you put together a wardrobe that you love. First of all, you'll want to figure out what colors look amazing on you. Chances are, you're already wearing them, but if not, you'll know what to look for.

Dressing for your body type

The next step to building a capsule wardrobe is to figure out your body type and then learn what styles look best on you. A certain style may be trending, but it may not really look that great on your body type. I've found some great resources to help you determine your body shape and how to dress for it.

Capsule Wardrobe Formula

There is not an exact formula for building a capsule wardrobe, but some find it easiest to see exactly what they need. They want to have a number. So whether you're interested in something like Project 333 where you wear 33 pieces of clothing for 3 months, or whether another of the formulas below works for you, you totally have that freedom. Personally, I tend to shoot for between 30-40 pieces. Usually, my capsules are smaller in the summer and winter when the weather is more consistent, but I prefer a larger capsule in the spring and fall when the temps are all over the place.

Capsule Wardrobe Planner

What are the essentials for a capsule wardrobe? What all will I need? This will depend somewhat on what activities you tend to do, but there are some great planners linked below. You will definitely want to cover the basics, and you will also need to decide if things such as jewelry or coats count in your capsule. I, personally, don't count accessories or coats, but some prefer to do that. Also, many planners have a fairly neutral palette. Feel free to make yours colorful.

Capsule Wardrobe Tips

Here are few capsule wardrobe tips to keep in mind as you build your wardrobe. Do you have any more to add?

  • Stylebook App. This app is amazing for keeping track of your clothing and mixing and matching outfits without even having to try them on. You can also keep track of what you wore each day of the week.
  • Pick clothing that is versatile. You want each piece to coordinate with several other pieces of clothing in your capsule. You definitely want some solids. I love to have solid bottoms and then flowered tops that coordinate with several of my bottoms.
  • Don't be too strict the first time around. If you're feeling you're missing something a week or two in, feel free to add it. You want this to help you, not become one more thing to worry about.
  • Make it fit your style. Having a capsule wardrobe will help you develop your personal style if you haven't already, but don't feel like you have to do what the planner says. For example, many use blazers and trenchcoats in their capsules. However, that is not my personal style, so I opt for more cardigans or a denim jacket.
  • Pay attention to what works and what doesn't the first time around, so you can make it work better for the next capsule.

I hope you found this helpful. So, are you going to give building a capsule wardrobe a try? Have you ever tried one in the past?

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