Aimee Niblack


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What People Are Saying:

Kaitlyn Roberts

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few months of mentorship with Aimee, and have seen massive changes that I have been trying to make on my own come to fruition. As a mom of 3 girls 5 and under (with a 4th due in July) I have been treading water managing parenting, marriage, and maintaining an
orderly house. Successful and peaceful homemaking is in the details, and Aimee has helped me refine areas of our home life and make me feel more accomplished and fulfilled as a stay-at-home mom. Just to name a few victories she's helped me accomplish: I have stayed under our grocery budget every month since starting our mentorship, our house has stayed more consistently clean, meal times/cooking/meal planning have become less stressful, I have more time to pursue what I enjoy in my personal time (such as reading and spending quality time with my husband).

Overall, the accountability and motivation are priceless. I have enjoyed sharing these little victories with Aimee, and then going over plans to help me in the next area I would like to improve in. I wish I would have had a program like this offered to me when I first became a mom- learning how to incorporate motherhood into homemaking. This opportunity couldn't have come at a better time. I am so thankful that I did this program before we welcome our fourth child because I feel like I will go into this next phase of a "big family" with so many new skills to help me not feel stressed or overwhelmed by the day-to-day demands of homemaking. So, if you are a first-time mom, this mentorship will give you access to years of wisdom I wish I had. Even if you're a mom multiple times over, I am proof that investing in learning how to manage the home more efficiently pays off in so many ways!"

Carolina Patzwahl

"Before I implemented "quiet time" with my 4yo son, I barely had any time to recharge, pray, or catch my breath now that he was no longer napping. I talked with Aimee about this struggle and she encouraged me and gave me concrete suggestions, drawing on her experience from raising her own 6 children, on how to implement this vital time. Needless to say, it worked! And both my son and I are getting some much-needed downtime in the middle of the day!"

Noelle Langdon

"It’s nice to have someone ask you the tough questions and provide space for you to voice the answers just to get them out of your own head. Aimee provides that space for you."