Why We Need to Find Balance in Life

simplify life Oct 24, 2023
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How in the world do you find balance in life when you have so many roles? You're balancing being a good wife, raising children, possibly homeschooling children, and keeping up with household tasks. And that's just some of the things to balance! There are also other family and friend relationships to nurture, keeping up with exercise and health, and serving others . . . not to mention trying to fit relaxation in there! How do we keep a balance in life, and why do we even need balance?

What Does is Mean to Find Balance in Your Life?

Think back to the old see-saw days. Sometimes I would try to balance the see-saw straight across with my friend. We were both hanging in the middle. However, if I tried to see-saw with someone way heavier or lighter, then it was difficult, right? You were off-balanced. That's kind of the picture we need to keep in mind for life.

You will want to find a balance between the things you have to do and the things you want to do. Find the balance between working hard and taking time to relax. In living a balanced life, you are giving attention to each area of your life instead of just focusing on one or two areas while letting the rest fall apart. You are balancing the spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of your life. If you are balanced in these areas, you can remain calm in the midst of unexpected chaos.

Elements of a balanced life

What are some elements of a balanced life? What does that even look like? Let's look at some areas that you will see in a balanced lifestyle.

  • Life aligns with your priorities. What are the top 3-5 priorities in your life? Now, think about whether your life reflects those. Think about areas of time, talents, and money. Do they align with your priorities in life? When we focus on what truly matters to us, our lives come into balance.
  • Life fits you. Stop looking at what "everyone" else is doing. Just because they're involved in this or that doesn't mean you have to be as well. Make sure your life aligns with your priorities an not in what culture says you're supposed to do.
  • You pay attention to different areas of life. Another element of a balanced life is keeping track of the different areas of your life. Yes, some things need more attention in different seasons, but don't let your house erupt into chaos because you are too busy volunteering.
  • Taking care of self. Part of living a balanced life is not forgetting about yourself. You see the need to prioritize your health so that you can care for your family. You are able to get adequate sleep, exercise, and eat somewhat healthy.
  • Life is less stressful. As you let go of what doesn't match your priorities, pay attention to each area, and take care of yourself, you will feel less stressed. You will have cut out what's not necessary in order to focus on what's important.
  • Positive attitude. You take more time to be grateful for things in life. You are living according to your priorities. You are serving God and your family, and you still have time for relaxation and rejuvenation.
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The Importance of Balance in Life

So, now you know what a balanced life looks like, but why is balance in life important? I'm thinking you've probably already seen some great things about a balanced life so far, but let's look at a few more. By practicing balanced living, you are able to keep the different areas of life to a middle point. You are avoiding extremes, which are not sustainable long-term.

Balanced living is important for success in the many areas of your life, and keeps you from neglecting areas of life. When you are living in balance, you are more easily able to flex during unexpected events in your life. Your body is able to handle those short-term stressors. Living balanced frees you to help those in need.

Benefits of a balanced life

Let's sum up some of these benefits of a balanced life. What benefit sounds especially amazing to you right now? Oftentimes, life seems to just start going on autopilot and you lose control. Things dip into extremes, and many things in life just plain get forgotten. These benefits of balanced living will inspire you to make some changes.

  • Focus on priorities. A balanced life focuses on your priorities and doesn't get easily sidetracked.
  • More focus and attention on your goals. You have set your priorities and you make goals to get there.
  • Better health. You are not living in extremes with your eating, sleeping, and exercise, so your body is getting what it needs.
  • Decreased stress. As you let things go that don't match your priorities and balance each area of your life, your stress levels decrease.
  • Peace and calm. As stress goes down, peace and calm begin to take over. It's amazing!
  • Rejuvenation. You're not feeling exhausted all the time, but are rejuvenated and ready for each day.
  • A positive outlook on your life. Your life has become filled with important things. This results in gratefulness along with a positive outlook.

How to Live a Balanced Life

Now I'd like to talk you through how to live a balanced life. Oh, and if you get your life more balanced, how do you stay balanced? As you practice balanced living, you will still have to periodically re-evaluate. Priorities can change with different seasons of life, or you can begin to slip off balance if you're not careful.

  • Look at the big picture. Think about the grand scope of your life for a few minutes. What do you want your life to reflect. What do you want people to remember about you?
  • Live with purpose. Figure out if you are living intentionally. Write down your top 3-5 priorities at this point of your life. Definitely ask God for help with this one. Let go of things that don't match.
  • Learn to say no. If you're already doing things that don't match your priorities, get out of them as soon as you can. Learn to say no to things that don't line up with your life right now.
  • Set realistic goals. Life as a mom with young children doesn't look the same as those who have children in school or grown children. Be realistic on what you can and can't add to your life right now. This is where the priorities come into play. Focus on those for now.
  • Simplify life. You will free up more margin in your life if you simplify some things. Learn to let the little things go, and focus on what's important.
  • Focus on what gives life. What do I mean by that? If a certain activity is very draining to you, let it go. If there's a friend who is constantly causing drama, it's time to back up. Focus on the people and activities that bring joy and rejuvenation. Yes, sometimes we have to do hard things because it's the right thing to do, but in general, be choosy. Stay connected with your friends and family who bring life and joy.
  • Take care of yourself. For a time I struggled with this one. I felt that I needed to pour myself out for my family and those around me. However, in time I realized that if I don't take care of myself, I physically won't be able to care for others. Make sure you're getting proper food, rest, and exercise.
  • Ask for support. I do realize that this isn't always possible, but don't be afraid to reach out for help if you need it. It may just be a once-a-month ladies' night or hiring a teen to help you catch up with housework. It could be asking your husband to just listen to you vent. Whatever it is, just ask.
  • Allow for spontaneity. Whether someone has a need or it's an opportunity to do something fun, don't be afraid to be spontaneous. While you do keep your priorities in mind for the most part, you don't want that to keep you from enjoying spontaneous opportunities in life.

Keep in mind that sometimes life will get out of balance temporarily. We certainly can't control all that happens in our lives. However, for the most part, keeping in mind the things I've discussed with you will help you keep balance in your life.

Do you see why we need to find balance in life? Do you feel that you are living a balanced life? If not, what is one change you can make today to work toward balanced living? Please comment below.

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